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Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Adult Bar & Bat MitzvahYes you can! I have taught dozens of adults who knew absolutely no Hebrew when they first came to me. I enabled them to reach that supreme moment of bar and bat mitzvah. My students included women and men who never had the opportunity to study when they were children; men and women who did become bar or bat mitzvah when they were 13 years old but who studied by rote and never truly learned or retained that which they learned; Jews by choice whose religion of birth did not include studying to become bar or bat mitzvah. I can teach you and then help to create an adult bar or bat mitzvah ceremony that will fill you with pride and celebration. You can choose between individual instruction or learning in small group settings.


Cantor Ellen Stettner had truly been an inspiration for me. She is the reason Dan & I joined Temple Beth Shira. When we first attended services, it was obvious how loved she was by the congregation and we, too, felt the same I didn’t have much of a command of the Hebrew language and when Cantor Ellen suggested Bat Mitzvah study, I thought it would be a good thing for me. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but to my pleasant surprise I was hooked. I truly enjoy singing and she really gets you singing. It was wonderful to learn the prayers and be able to read the Hebrew. Learning the cantillations made everything so much easier and because of Cantor Ellen it was terrific. She made me and all the women in our class feel so proud of ourselves. Cantor Ellen makes coming to services a pleasure and she inspires everyone to join in. She is a wonderful woman and teacher and I feel blessed to call her my friend. Char Bergman